Other Partnerships

Other partnerships

Edmund Hillary School enjoys the support of many people who are committed to our school and community. Below are some of them.

Angels Light Breakfast Club

In 2000 Bronca Fox had a vision from God that the hungry children in Papakura needed feeding. The following year Bronca took a huge leap of faith and began the Angelslight Breakfast Club, an organisation that provides breakfast for children in schools around the area. The group, which she started with no money and no volunteers, now serves 1180 breakfasts to children in four schools, with a possibility of more in the new year. Bronca says that by feeding the children they are only ensuring that they have an opportunity to learn. She says it also gives them the chance to share the love of Jesus, as many of the volunteers are able to sit down with the youngsters and talk about Jesus. "The change in the kids who are involved in this project is ‘amazing!’ For example from the teachers’ point of view there is a real difference in the behaviorally standards of the children, and even a change in the academic levels,” she explains. "What I see is that we’re now like a big family. They’ve really opened up. They were reserved at the beginning, but now they’re talking to the volunteers and asking a lot of questions."

Bronca Fox


We have been fortunate to form a partnership with Frucor after they donated 20 Ipads to our school. Since then we have participated in a number of activities together. Over the past 2 years, Frucor has organised leadership sessions for groups of up to 20 of our students. We have participated in 2 trips to the Millennium Institute in Albany where our children have enjoyed a range of group activities with Frucor personnel who work on developing their leadership skills. Look who they saw on their latest leadership trip to Albany. Adults pictured are Teachers Ben Spooner, Naomi Lees and Aimee Phillips with Sonny Bill Williams. Our kids struck it lucky. We also enjoyed a half day of school based activities all planned and led by Frucor staff. The BBQ lunch provided by the team was scrumptious and teachers had a great day watching the events as having some time off teaching.

Eat My Lunch

Our students have been privileged to receive free lunches daily for most of 2016 provided by Company Founder Lisa King of Eat My Lunch along with the support of Co Founder Michael Meredith and team.. This is a huge bonus for our children and whanau. The lunches are delicious and tick all the boxes for healthy eating with yummy sandwiches, fruit and yogurt and other goodies. This frees up money to enable families to better afford digital devices needed to support learning in the classroom.


Rotary Downtown Auckland and Rotary Papakura offer local residents with business or professional backgrounds, a way of actively contributing to improving their community. Members includes men and women of all ages, trades, professions and backgrounds, who are keenly involved in a variety of charitable and community projects, both locally and abroad.