Our School

  • Edmund Hillary is a full primary school for Year 1 to 8 students in Papakura, South Auckland. Mainly Maori 54% and Pasifika 38% students attend the school.

  • There are comparative numbers for Samoan 19% and Tongan 19% students with some Fijian Indian and some Pakeha students. The majority of families reside in the local community of Papakura East in rental accomodation. Over the last few years the roll has been through a period of fluctuation with families coming and going from the local area.

  • Student Roll; Currently in 2019 there are approximately 200 enrolled students.

  • The school has had a chequered past but is finally at a stage where quality student learning is the major focus and achievement levels are very good.

  • The Board of Trustees is committed to providing a range of additional learning programmes to support student learning.

  • Many community minded people come through the gates wishing to make a contribution to the education of Edmund Hillary School students. This has been a major factor in turning the school into a vibrant and happy learning environment.

  • In addition staff are committed and passionate and work very hard to provide the best possible learning outcomes.

The school is part of the Kootuitui ki Papakura Digital learning programme where all Year 4 to 8 students focus on using chromebooks and follow a Learn, Create, Share model of learning.

Our Board

Tony Tumai Chairperson

Ray Freeman Trustee

Stephen Mitchell Trustee

Jodi Newth Trustee

Laura Youdan Trustee

Louise Faire Staff Representative

Angela Taylor Grimston Secreta