The High Wire Charitable Trust set up in memory of Michael Erceg is located on Dominion Road within our local community. We are privileged to have worked in partnership with David Hopkins CEO for over 4 years to provide opportunities for young people.

2021 has been an amazing year of partnership. The global challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affect people across the world and likewise our local community so to work in partnership with Highwire Trust as we are continues to be the point of difference for our school and community. .

Better Pathway Programme

The group of Year 6 to Year 8 students who have been attending the Better Pathway “Ko Te Huarahi Pai” program fully funded by the Trust and at no cost to the school throughout term 1 and 2 has had a very positive outcome on a number of levels. Observations show students are happy, confident and inspired not to miss their every day Highwire experience. They are engaged and aspects such as patterns of attendance and positive patterns of behaviour emerge as they progress through the programme. The additional Education Outside the Classroom activities such as Rocket & Ropes, Extreme Edge, Ex Longest Day 3x mountains, museum and water activities are outstanding features of the programme with exceptional planning and preparation undertaken by High Wire Trust team.

School Camp to Awhitu

39 Year 5&6 students from our school attended a fully funded 4 day, 3 night stay in the beautiful setting of Awhitu Camp provided by the High Wire Trust 18 to 21 May 2021. The Trust provided buses to and from camp, covered the cost of food for the duration of the stay and access to all the superb amenities. In addition there were activities organised and led by High Wire Trust personnel which included orienteering, archery, tabloid games, regional park tour led by Ranger John Allen with daily briefs and sessions facilitated by CEO David Hopkins. For the majority of mainly Maori and Pasifika students it was their first time away from home and for all of them the first camp experience ever. It is not common, in full primary schools like ours, for students at these year levels to have the privilege of a camp opportunity. Ordinarily because of budget constraints the priority goes to Year 7&8 students as the older students in the school. Subsequently this was an unprecedented opportunity. As you can appreciate, the excitement among the students on arrival at camp was greater than anything staff had encountered before. The children were astounded. The excitement continued into the nights which were very long for the principal who was doing the night shift. The chatter, laughter and sheer enjoyment continued across the cabins into the early morning hours.

Special Features of Camp

Limitless opportunities arose throughout the camp stay which enabled everyone to reinforce the school values of; Leadership - (Rangatiratanga), Family - Whanaungatanga, Taking care of each other, Respect- Nurturing respectful relationships (Manaakitanga), Caring for our environment (Kaitiakitanga).

Kelly Tarlton Trip May 2021

Recently High Wire Trust funded a whole School Trip to Kelly Tarlton’s providing entry fee and transport for 198 students, 10 staff and 30 supervisors. As with the fully funded school trip to the zoo in 2020, this was another once in a lifetime opportunity for us. Teachers and students began classroom studies to support learning weeks prior to the trip so that the visit to Kelly Tarltons was meaningful and purposeful on the day The positive feedback from students, supervisors and teachers has been overwhelming. Kelly Tarltons is not a place our families visit because of the locality in Auckland City and the exorbitant entry fees that are beyond their means. Again we were grateful to KPMG for stepping up to assist with the student/adult ratios necessary to meet legislative requirements.

The school and Board are especially grateful for the partnership with Highwire Charitable Trust and very acknowledging and appreciative for the possibilities such a partnership offers a low decile school such as ours. We do not take for granted the range of experiences offered nor the monetary costs covered by the Trust to make these opportunities for our students possible. Above all we appreciate the commitment and generosity afforded us throughout the years of partnership.